Bucks Arena 2

I had the honor of being invited by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel newspaper to critique the plans for the new Bucks (basketball arena). I was joined on the panel by the design architects and the President of the Team. When the moderator asked if I thought that the building was a “great design”- it led to some uncomfortable moments.

“Honestly, No. “ I said. When I heard that the design inspiration for the wave roof form came from the ripples of water from nearby Lake Michigan, I shook my head in and called the reference “cliché”. I’m not sure what the audience thought- but it seemed that there was some strong dissent to the imagery. I heard “flying taco” and “Trump comb-over” more than once that evening. The residents want a great building- and most don’t think it’s there yet. Hopefully, discussions like this one will lead to some improvements as the design team moves forward.