Project Description

38 Davelin Rd House

Wayland, MA

The house is comprised of two parts: the first floor was built in 2004. In 2007, in response to a growing family, a second story addition was created.

The oppositional relationships that were explored in the original house are continued in this mirrored “box”. The second floor contrasts sharply with the warm wood interior and exterior finish of the original house. Where the ground floor is focused laterally, on the green grass and trees, the addition focuses upwards to the sun, clouds and sky. Here the all-white interior with is marked with colorful accents of blue and yellow.

In order to gain permission to build the addition in this traditional neighborhood, the design was subject to a review board. The approved design proposal consisted of exterior, plate-mirror siding. In this way, the addition would not call attention to itself, but rather would reflect the trees and sky of the site. In effect, the addition appears to disappear…..