Project Description

Guerin Residence

Belmont, MA

This is a new 4500 sf single-family residence on flat one acre site on Belmont hill.

Concept: PEELING
The Guerin Residence is situated in a clearing on an otherwise private wooded lot. The clients, a young French couple, sought a modern residence that would take best advantage of the lot by actively engaging the exterior space of the house. The main plan of the house is a L-shape with a freestanding garage strategically placed to the north. Taken together, the overall form of the building creates three distinct exterior spaces, each which is then given its own character.

The notion of engaging the landscape was explored in other ways as well. One of the interesting details involves the use of mirrors mounted directly to the face of the building. The idea was that the mirrors would reflect the trees around the site onto the building. In a more literal way, the use of wood lattice on the façade was designed to encourage greenery to eventually grow on the building. The lattice was conceived as a skin that could be peeled away to reveal the white sub-structure and the window openings of the house.