Project Description

The Sarasota Modern Hotel


Design Inspiration:
The Sarasota Modern hotel is inspired by the Modernist tradition which emerged in Sarasota in the 1940s. Called “Sarasota Modern”, modernist architecture from Europe was adapted to the unique Gulf Coast climate. Some of the key design elements were white plaster walls, natural woods, large windows, sun screens and indoor/outdoor flow and lush planting. Similarly, our proposed hotel will incorporate many of these elements throughout.

The design is rooted in the desire to provide a guest with an authentic Sarasota experience. Food and drink will be locally-sourced; design and decoration inspired by local arts and culture. For example, the restaurant is named after Paul Rudolph- the father of the Sarasota School of Architecture and displays his famous pencil renderings. And there are quotes in each guest room over the beds from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and Sarasota resident, MacKinlay Kantor. And there is art throughout based on the work of famous abstract painter, Syd Solomon- yet another Sarasota resident.