Project Description

Wellness Center

Sarasota, FL

The Wellness Center is conceived of as a private campus with a distinctively introspective focus. A continuous wall marking a long rectangular perimeter of the campus ensures maximum privacy for patients. Located within the perimeter wall, the complex is comprised of several interconnected buildings which are grouped together to form a series of extensively landscaped exterior courtyards. Starting at the entry vehicular court, the courtyards are designed to be progressively more private as one penetrates deeper into the complex. Passing through the main lobby, one enters into the main courtyard. This space is marked by lush landscaping, a large reflecting pool and other water features. The main block of patient rooms overlooks the main reflecting pool. Located at the far end of the complex, is a series of very private, patient pavilions which seemingly float in splendid isolation on a shallow reflecting pool.

The spatial character of the Wellness Center is modeled after destination resorts and similar hospitality precedents. A verdant landscape full of plants and water elements help to create an atmosphere of serenity and peaceful solitude. The sights, sounds and smells of plants and water, natural materials such as wood and stone, reaffirm the significance of one’s co-existence with the natural elements and create a general sense of well-being. The Wellness Center is not only a place for decompression and stress-relief like one would find in a spa, but also a place of healing body, mind and spirit.